Silicone Defoamer


Silicone Defoamer is milky white liquid, which contains Polydimethyl Siloxane and Emulsifying Agent (Non-Ionic). It is soluble in water.


These Defoamers are used in every industry. Wherever there is formation / generation of foams due to chemical reactions, due to which there is loss in the properties of chemical reaction.

These Defoamers are diluted with water in the proportion of 1 to 10 depending on the generation of foams. These Defoamers can be readily added in the process of production i.e. in the Paint Industry, Rubber Chemical Industry, Pharmaceuticals Industry etc.

These Defoamers are directly used in the Effluent Treatment Plants, where the entric effluents of various chemical reactions are dumped for purification of the water from the effluent by adding up to 4% of diluted defoamer through the inlet valves, to enable the defoamer to readily mix with the effluents which agitated on continuous process. The defoamers help in maintaining the COD or BOD levels of the effluents.

It is recommended that the exact dilution is worked depending on the user requirement, since the dilution level is up to 10 times of the input of defoamer.

These Defoamers can also be used in the cooling towers to control the foam generated due to the atmospheric changes and keep the cooling plants working throughout the year and prevent the fungal growth in the water and helps prevents blockade of the air pipes etc.


These Defoamers can withstand extreme temperatures i.e. 0o to 210o Celsius.