Palmo-Wash (A Multi Purpose Cleaning Compound)


Palmo-Wash is a green, slightly viscous fluid, which has efficiency to clean non-absorbing surfaces and easily miscible with water. It is a non-smellable compound.


Palmo-Wash can be used as :

  • Car-Wash (1:15)
  • Floor Cleaning (1:15)
  • Wooden Furniture Cleaning (1:1)
  • Glass Cleaning (1:1)
  • Liquid Soap (1:5)
  • Anti-Fungal / Fungal Preventer (1:7)
  • Apparatus / Instruments Cleaning in Hospitals and Pharma (1:1)
  • Rust Preventer (1:1)
  • Lubricants (Single use)
  • Liquid Leather Polish (Single use)

Palmo-Wash is non-hazardous in nature.


Palmo-Wash should not be used on inner electrical / electronic circuits, as it is containing non-insulating features and having some part of water, which may cause a damage.