Simethicone Emulsion 30% USP


Simethicone Emulsion 30% USP is milky white liquid, which contains Polydimethyl Siloxane and Emulsifying Agents (Non-Ionic). It is soluble in water.


The clinical use of Simethicone Emulsion 30% USP is based on its anti-bacterial properties, spread on the surface forming a film of low surface tension and thus prevents bacterial formation.


The pharmaceuticals usage of Simethicone Emulsion 30% USP include skin care lotions and creams, wherein it creates a small film when applied on the skin, thereby prevents ultra violet rays to penetrate to skin which leads to dry skin. Also, used in shaving and hair product’s preparations to impact extra spreadability and stickiness. Also used for coating for razor blades.

Simethicone Emulsion 30 % usp is used as an antacid in the symptomatic treatment of flatulence, functional gastric bloating and postoperative gas pains. It is used as an antiflatulent to relieve symptoms commonly referred to as gas, including upper GL bloating, pressure fullness or stuffed feeling.

Simethicone Emulsion 30% USP also used extensively, where the product creates a thin film inside the surface thereby prevents distilled water and other injectables from bacterial or fungal formation and thereby is suitable for human consumption.

Type of Emulsion : Oil in water emulsion, Non-Ionic
Density : 0.98
pH Value : Neutral
Color : Milky White
Temperature Range : 0 degree Celsius s to + 100 degree Celsius