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Silicone Emulsion – For Tyre Industry
Application : These Emulsions are made for special applications for Rubber and Rubber Product Manufacturers. The total dissolved solids of this emulsion do not fall below 35% and exceed 38%. These dissolved solids enable the user industry to dilute the emulsions with water or distilled water to suit their solubility convenience or to their set of norms defined by them.

These Emulsions are easy to use and are harmless to human beings. The emulsion is normally brushed or sprayed with the help of insecticide sprayers at an interval of approximately 3 or 4 releases of the moulded rubber. They are directly sprayed on the moulds to remove the carbon or rubber sediments on the interiors of the mould. The properties of this Silicone Emulsion will enhance the gloss of the end property so released from the mould. By using this emulsion the mould life will not be disturbed and would help in maintaining the wall thickness on the interiors of the mould.

Properties :
Total Dissolved Solids : Not less than 38%
Other Specifications :  
Content of Dimethyl Poly Siloxane is not less than 33% of 350 CST 5% of Emulsifying agents
pH is maintained at neutral
Soluble in water (Solubility to be used as per norms of in house specifications)
Does not separate after continuous stirring for 2 hours at 104o C.
Temperature stability is – 10o C to + 180o C
Does not contain any harmful chemicals and hence recommended for manual handling also
Can also be used as washing soap due to its anti bacterial properties and easy solubility with water
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